Do you guarantee the tenant?

Unfortunately NO. We can never guarantee the tenants performance. We do however use Australia’s longest standing database to check the rental history of potential tenants. We also check their ability to repay rent and look after your investment by using the 4 C’s.


During contact with potential tenants either through open homes or phone calls a property manager will ask specific questions evaluate character. They look at stability such as how long they have lived at their current address and how long they have been in their current job.


Property managers will consider how much the potential tenants earn in relation to paying rent, daily expenses such as bills and food and also any other debt that may hinder their ability to pay rent.


How much of a cash buffer do the potential tenants have in the unfortunate case of losing a job or getting injured will also be considered. Bank statements are required during the application process in order to validate their cash savings.


This is often underrated and not every agency takes this into account. The reason behind a tenant leaving their current address could provide an insight as to what they may be like as your tenant. This question must be filled out on the tenancy application form and the property manager will also contact the previous agency to receive a rental ledger and comments from the property manager as to how they conducted them self during that tenancy period.


We can’t give tenancy guarantees, but we do take all necessary precautions to assure we find suitable tenants for you. This is done through 44 Home Real Estate’s proven tenancy application method using the 4 c’s.