Do you use trusted tradesman?

Tradesmen are the backbone of a property management agency as their efficiency, reliability and quality of work effect both the tenant and landlord. All appropriate checks are made to ensure the tradesmen are licensed and qualified to take on the work provided to them by the agency.

It is important that all tradesmen are kept at arms distance by an agency and that they do not receive any kickbacks or referral fees as this will ensure they are held accountable for their work and if they are not providing an efficient and professional service they can be replaced.

Of course, landlords can also assign their own tradesmen when appointing a property management agency to look after their property.


It is essential that trusted and qualified tradesmen are use for all maintenance and repairs. With years of experience in the local market 44 Home Real Estate have established a network of trusted and reliable tradesmen to conduct maintenance and repairs. They are all kept are arms distance to ensure quality of work.